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NNLM Services to Health Professionals

Kate Flewelling
Executive Director

When students graduate or when employees leave the university, they lose access to the valuable electronic resources available through HSLS subscriptions. That’s where the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM) can help. Although we cannot provide access to subscription-based information resources, we provide training on numerous other resources from the National Library of Medicine and other trusted sources.

For example, Clinical eCompanion was created by librarians at HSLS and is now maintained by the NNLM Middle Atlantic Region (MAR). Designed especially for primary care clinicians, Clinical eCompanion searches the following evidence-based information resources, all of which are freely available:

* Denotes a National Library of Medicine resource

Services that NNLM MAR provides to health professionals who do not have access to a health sciences library include:

In September, Erin Seger, MPH, CHES, joined the NNLM MAR staff as Health Professions Coordinator. In that role, Erin has primary responsibility for outreach and education programs directed toward community health professionals, minority health professionals, and public health workers in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Additionally, she is Content Manager for Clinical eCompanion and contributes to the Bringing Health Information to the Community blog.

Contact Erin to schedule training on National Library of Medicine resources for clinicians and public health workers who do not have access to a health sciences or academic library.

~ Kate Flewelling, NNLM MAR Executive Director

Posted in the November 2017 Issue