Collect References, Write, & Collaborate More Effectively


F1000Workspace is an innovative suite of tools for collecting, managing, writing, sharing, collaborating, and citing scientific literature. This powerful new capability from Faculty of 1000 allows researchers to instantly save and annotate articles from the Web, write better and faster with a Word plugin, and import and share references with colleagues.

With F1000Workspace, you can:

  • Use the browser extension to import article PDFs, citation data, and full text links
  • Highlight and add notes to online articles
  • Discuss articles and share annotations with collaborators
  • Set up automatic PDF imports
  • Save unlimited numbers of references and PDFs
  • Save references for offline access
  • Search PubMed from Word
  • Find and cite references without leaving Word
  • Access from any computer, no syncing required
  • Get article recommendations from F1000
  • Receive relevant citation recommendations in Word based on your reference list
  • Collect and share references with collaborators
  • Share Word documents with editable citations and bibliographies
  • Export references in BibTex or RIS
  • Import references from EndNote, Mendeley, Zotero, etc.

Access to F1000Workspace is free upon registration with a Pitt e-mail ID. Installation of the browser extension enables you to directly save online articles with the click of a button, as well as highlight text and add notes. These annotations are saved on the journal’s Web version and the PDF, and can be shared with collaborators. Installation of the Word plugin enables you to access references instantly as you write, get suggestions for relevant references taken from your reference library and PubMed, search PubMed without leaving Word, and automatically format the bibliography to any citation style (>7,000 options).

F1000Workspace helps researchers to collaborate, share, and write all in the same virtual space. All references and PDFs are stored in a secure cloud and can be accessed from any computer.

Click here to find more information, register, and install the browser extension and Word plugin. Contact the HSLS Molecular Biology Information Service with any questions and to let us know how you have incorporated F1000Workspace into your own workflow.

~Carrie Iwema

Originally posted in the August 2015 issue of the HSLS Update Newsletter.