What's New @ HSLS MolBio | 2015

Happy New Year!

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Winter 2016 Workshops

Hands-On Training Schedule

1-4 pm
Falk Library Classroom 2 (upstairs)

Registration is NOT required.

February 3rd: RNA-seq Analysis: CLC Genomics Workbench

  • This hands-on workshop will provide an introduction to RNA-seq analysis using the library-licensed CLC Genomics Workbench.

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IPA Webinar series

ipawebinarIngenuity Pathway Analysis Webinar Series

WHEN: Thursdays in January, 1pm

During the month of January, IPA experts Dr. Lynne Mullen and Dr. Jasmin Droege will be hosting a series of webinars introducing Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA).

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Happy Thanksgiving!


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Webinar: microRNA-seq & Gene Expression

partekIntegrating microRNA-seq & Gene Expression Data

WHEN: Wednesday December 2nd, 2pm

MicroRNAs are small noncoding RNAs that interact with messenger RNAs and modulate gene expression. In this webinar, we will show you how Partek software can analyze microRNA-Seq data to find differentially expressed microRNAs and integrate the results with differentially-expressed messenger RNAs quantified in the same tissues.

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WKSP: Genetic Variation & Cancer Mutations

Genetic Variation & Cancer Mutations: dbSNP, COSMIC, & more
by Ansuman Chattopadhyay, PhD

Wednesday, 9th December 2015
1-3 pm
Falk Library Classroom 2 (upstairs)

Registration is NOT required.

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