Research scientists are challenged by the need to put their private omics data into biological context with public data. This analysis requires time-consuming literature-based searches and manual comparison with open-source datasets of variable quality. Illumina’s Correlation Engine is an interactive omics knowledgebase that puts private data in biological context with highly curated public data in a comprehensive and easy to use platform.

Illumina hosted a webinar to show how you can leverage Correlation Engine to accelerate your multiomics research from drug discovery, through target discovery and more. The webinar, which is now available to watch on demand, covered the following topics:

  • The growing library of 25K+ curated multiomic public datasets that have been re-analyzed with DRAGEN, QCed and normalized
  • How to leverage the library of public data and your multiomic private data with a suite of applications to determine biological context
  • The ability to identify mechanisms of disease, drug targets, and prognostic or predictive biomarkers

Watch the session from Illumina.