Are you preparing a grant proposal? Join BioRender to hear tips from top grant winners and reviewers! Learn how to best prepare grant applications including overall structure, design and figures!

Thursday, January 20th, 2-4PM


Winning Your First Major Grant [without Data!]
Dr. Charles Daniel Murin, recipient of an NIH R01 for early stage researchers, shares how he strategically used visuals to create a compelling research story in his application, despite having little preliminary data.

A Reviewer’s Perspective: The Right Way to Approach NIH Grants
As a seasoned grant winner and reviewer, NMHD study section member, Dr. Peter J. Turnbaugh, will share a reviewer’s perspective on what tips will help you win your next grant, in an engaging Q&A session.

Panel Session: Why Strong Visuals Secure Grants
Can you quickly captivate reviewers’ attention on the impact of your proposal? Should the Specific Aims page include a figure? We’ll discuss these and other key ways to make your applications stand out during the review process.
Panel – Dr. Danielle Matsushima, Dr. Ariella Shikanov, and Dr. Peter J. Turnbaugh

BioRender Top Grant Tips
Shiz Aoki, CEO & Co-founder of BioRender, will outline quick & easy tips to action on the advice we’ve heard today, as well as give her top 5 figure and design tips all grant applications shouldn’t be without!