Key Pathway Advisor (KPA) and MetaCore will be updated on Monday, 12th December.
In order to deliver these enhancements and content update these products will be unavailable from Saturday, 10th December 8pm to Sunday, 11th December 4pm.

Key enhancements to KPA include:

  • Key Hub and Process Network visualizations will be optimized for a broader range of browsers: Google Chrome (recommended), Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • Overconnectivity Table View: you will now be able to browse interactions that connect Key Hubs identified by an overconnectivity method with genes from user data.
  • Filters for Table View: you will now be able to filter by drug targets, molecular associations (discovery biomarkers), effects and mechanisms of interaction in the Pathway Maps, Process Networks and Key Hub Networks table view.

MetaCore: New data will be added to strengthen the MetaCore content.

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