ePath3D is a new-to-HSLS drawing tool that helps users create visually stunning biological diagrams using either templates or from scratch. For more information see below or go here. To register go here.


Create Biological Diagrams

    ePath3D Online provides biological scientists and researchers, a unique platform to represent the complex phenomena of biological networks in a professional and visually appealing manner.The software enables the user to create own pathways from scratch.
    The created diagram helps the viewers to get a better understanding of the complex networks and relationship between biological entities and processes.

Vast collections of Vector Objects

    Extensive library of object sets, ready-made templates and powerful features that helps you create professional biological diagrams with amazing ease. Categorized Proteins, Receptors and Interaction items for standardization of Pathways.
    These vector shapes can scaled to multiple times of their actual size without any distortion.

More Than Just Draw!

    Option to link items to Publication repository like Pub-Med or any other online databases. Link proteins to muliple online resources like NCBI or any other online databases. Provide multiple Pubmed refrences to your data for review and interactions.
    While making a pathway, a separate list of items like proteins, receptors, interaction items are listed in the “pathways items” section, which can also be exporeted to excel sheet for academic purposes.

Multiple Export Options

    Export to various image formats like JPG, PNG, Transparent PNG & BMP for online publication. Export high resolution PDF’s of A3/A4 size for printing purpose. The generated PDF’s can be enlarged 4-6 times to take bigger size printouts without any distortion.
    Take backup of your entire project in a compressed file at any time. Import these files to your workspace for future use incase you need to renew the subscription after a brief discontinuance.

Social Media Sharing

    Your pathways are no longer restricted for your viewing. With the wider reach of social media your pathways can get a lot of attention by sharing with your friends, colleagues or students.
    Share your pathways in the social circles like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, StumbleUpon and Reddit. These pathways then can be commented on, reviewed and suggested.

Pathway Templates

    ePath3D enables you to design your own pathway from scratch or use pre-made pathway templates to help get you started. All the templates have complete review information and references linked to Pubmed.
    Templates section gets updated regularly with new Pathway templates for your use.