Cancer Informatics
by Ansuman Chattopadhyay, PhD

Wednesday, 18th June 2014
1-4 pm
Falk Library Classroom 2 (upstairs)

Registration is NOT required.

Advances in high-throughput technologies have generated a huge amount of data in the field of cancer research. Analysis of this data is critical for its practical translation from bench to bedside.

This workshop will cover emerging bioinformatics resources available in cancer biology and provide hands-on instruction on: retrieving cancer genes by searching relevant databases and literature using Quertle and BIIOBASE; finding somatic mutations by searching mutation databases including COSMIC, ICGC data portal, cBioPortal; analyzing Drivers vs. Passenger mutations using IntOGen; retrieving gene expression data (tumor vs. normal) from GEO/Array-Express using the Illumina-Nextbio search tools; pathway analysis of differentially expressed genes derived using Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) software.

After attending the workshop participants will be proficient in answering questions like:

    Is my favorite gene frequently mutated in colon cancer?
    Which genes are reported to be mutated in liver cancer?
    Are the mutations in my favorite gene “drivers” in a specified tumor type?
    Which genes are known to be mutated in A549 cell line?
    In which cancer(s) is my favorite gene differentially expressed?
    Which genes are over-expressed in colon cancer?
    Which genes are used as biomarkers for liver cancer?
    Discover the biology hidden in a list of differentially expressed genes.

This class is approved for AMA Category 2 CME credit.

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