FY 20 Annual Report

The Health Sciences Library System

Programs Funded by the National Library of Medicine

National Library of Medicine Programs at HSLS

Middle Atlantic Region

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NNLM Web Services Office 

 Training and Education Center

MAR as Regional Medical Library

HSLS began Year 4 of a 5-year Cooperative Agreement with the National Library of Medicine (NLM). As the newly renamed Network of the National Library of Medicine, Middle Atlantic Region (NNLM MAR), HSLS serves as the NIH Regional Medical Library for Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Delaware. NNLM MAR promotes the access and use of high-quality health information in our four-state region and collaborates with the seven other regions and five offices of NNLM on national initiatives. NNLM MAR has additional funding to promote health literacy initiatives in public libraries through a community engagement administrative supplement with the NIH All of Us Research Program.

Education by MAR

MAR staff supports the NNLM mission in three main ways: through direct outreach (webinars, in-person presentations, site visits, and exhibits), through a sub-award program (provides grants to member organizations for local health information outreach), and through member engagement (networking, resource sharing, and capacity building).

Conducted 215 outreach activities for an audience of 7,174 participants

Increased member engagement from 40% to 74% 

MAR Membership Organizations

51 subawards totaling over $659,000 to member organizations for projects that improve health literacy and access to high-quality biomedical and health information, targeting underrepresented communities.

Funding supported:

  • Health sciences librarians as conduits of information management, access, and delivery within their institution and/or outreach community
  • Education and outreach projects that improve access to biomedical and health information and increase the ability of the public and health professionals to use these resources.
  • Library projects that improve health information literacy, improve access to, awareness of, and skills to locate high-quality biomedical and health information, and improve understanding and importance in the participation of clinical trials, including the All of Us Research Program
  • Individuals working in MAR network member organizations to enhance their ability to use NLM resources or keep current on topics related to NIH initiatives.
280 subaward outreach activities reaching 14,240 participants

NLMN Web Services Office (NWSO)

HSLS is the home of the NNLM Web Services Office (NWSO). This unit, funded by a UG4 cooperative agreement, charges HSLS with developing and maintaining reliable web-based technologies for the nation-wide NNLM network and its members via theNNLM website and its associated technologies, as well as supporting the TEC’s work with the All of Us Research Program.  

NWSO FY 20 Highlights:

  • Expert technology support and forward thinking development supporting NNLM, the nnlm.gov web site and its associated web technologies

  • Improved online subaward applications for all RMLs

  • Updated and expanded DRS capabilities including pulling data for the NNLM National Evaluation Office to use with Tableau as well as created and launched an original Drupal plugin to pull in visualizations from NEO/Tableau to the Drupal CMS

  • Began the large scale rebuild of nnlm.gov to utilize Drupal 8

  • Launched redesigned allofustec.nnlm.gov with digital literacy modules

  • Created new version of Researcher Workbench API to support the All of Us Research Project

  • Successfully supported and scaled the TEC learning management system

Training and Education Center for the All of Us Research Program

HSLS’s National Library of Medicine’s Training and Education Center (TEC) supporting theAll of Us Research Program (AoURP).  Funded by a UG4 cooperative agreement, this work charges the TEC to use a Team Science framework with NLM and AoURP leadership collaboration to create and implement a variety of educational and training experiences for AoURP key audiences, including participants, researchers, health professionals, and health information consumers.


TEC FY 20 Highlights:

  • Research Ethics Training highlighting the progressive ethics of the All of Us Research Program
  • HealthPro Administrator Training
  • Sexual and Gender Minority Cultural Competency and Humility Training
  • Mobile Engagement Asset Training 1 and 2: Available in English and Spanish
  • HealthPro User Management Training
  • All of Us Consent Training
  • Digital Literacy Training