• Create Biological Diagrams with ePath3D This coffee break focuses on the easy creation of publication-ready scientific illustrations using a drag-and-drop, web-based, HSLS-licensed software–ePath3D.
  • File Naming Best Practices: “What’s in a name?” When you create a new file, do you give much thought to the name you save it as? This coffee break focuses on best practices for naming files so that they are easily found, understood, and sharable in the future.
  • Beyond Reference Management:This Coffee Break introduces an easy and intuitive way to discover, collect, read, annotate, write, and share scientific research using two unique tools–F1000Workspace and InfoBoosters. F1000Workspace is a Pitt-licensed reference management platform. InfoBoosters are HSLS-developed Web browser widgets that directly link digital text to databases and retrieve relevant information on demand.
  • Discover Data & Peruse Preprints with Europe PMC: You already conduct literature searches with PubMed and read free full-text articles from PubMed Central (PMC), so why try Europe PMC? Quite simply, because your current search strategy might not be finding all of the relevant information. This Coffee Break will focus on two specific features of Europe PMC: (1) preprint searching and (2) direct linking within articles to public gene, protein, and chemical compound databases.