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PubMed 2.0 to Arrive December 2018

Many of us use PubMed daily and have grown accustomed to its features and ease of use. Since PubMed’s original release in 1997 enhancements continually occurred with little change to the user interface. However, in December 2018 the National Library of Medicine (NLM) will transition from the current PubMed to a new interface called PubMed 2.0!

So how are we going to get to PubMed 2.0?

PubMed 2.0 release roadmap

In September 2017, NLM released PubMed Labs, an experimental site to test new technologies, features, and directions for PubMed.

PubMed Labs has already led to behind-the-scenes changes in PubMed 2.0.

These changes include a single xml model for PubMed; PubMed Central and Bookshelf data; replacing a homegrown system with an open source database system, Solr, running in Google Cloud; and supported by Amazon Web Services.

New features in PubMed Labs illustrate NLM’s commitment to creating a good design that enhances user experience.

For instance, in PubMed’s current interface users rarely go to page 2 of search results and 80% of the clicks occur in the first 20 records. Knowing this, PubMed Labs display/sort feature is set to a “Best Match algorithm” instead of to the traditional “Most Recent” sort.

PubMed 2.0 Year View

Some of the many new features in PubMed Labs include:

To learn more about PubMed 2.0:

PubMed 2.0 Home page

When the time arrives, watch for PubMed 2.0 classes @ HSLS.

*Images and the basis of this article’s content are derived from Kathi Canese’s presentation, “PubMed Labs.”

~Charlie Wessel

Posted in the August 2018 Issue