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November 2015

ORCID iD: Solving the Author Name Game

How many authors in the world share your name? Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate the confusion that it creates? Then register for an ORCID author identifier! An ORCID iD is the only tool you’ll need throughout your career to distinguish yourself from all other authors, unify all your scholarly products, and integrate your work with all funding, publishing, and other administrative systems. Recognizing the value of ORCID, Pitt has become an institutional member. Over the coming months, you’ll be hearing more about ORCID as HSLS launches a registration campaign throughout Pitt’s schools of the health sciences.

Changes to HSLS Online Resources

ACP Smart Medicine, AHFS DI Essentials, and ACP Journal Club

ACP Smart Medicine (formerly known as ACP PIER) will no longer be available as of December 23, 2015. ACP Smart Medicine was produced by the American College of Physicians, which has decided to discontinue the resource at the end of this year.

Tis the Season….for Cold and Flu, That Is!

With any luck you’ll not receive the gift of a cold or the flu this season. The U.S. National Library of Medicine’s MedinePlus® Web site has authoritative, easy-to-understand information on the common cold and flu. Both pages are chock-full of prevention tips as well as treatments. Not sure which you have? That’s covered under Diagnosis/Symptoms with the handy chart, “Is It a Cold or the Flu?,” developed by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The Common Cold page also has a resource written by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention entitled, “Get Smart: Know When Antibiotics Work – Common Cold and Runny Nose.” Both pages have information for specific age groups (e.g., children, teenagers, and seniors), patient handouts, links to clinical trials, and journal articles.

HSLS Hosts Visiting Librarian from Sri Lanka


Sriyani Perera

In early October, HSLS hosted Sriyani Perera, a medical librarian at the University of Peredeniya in Sri Lanka. The University of Peredeniya is one of the leading universities in Sri Lanka. During her tenure as a Medical Librarian, Sriyani has had different roles in the library; as a manager, an academic, a researcher, and a professional, while holding responsibilities in various capacities including planning and establishing new faculty libraries for allied health sciences, dental sciences, and veterinary medicine and animal husbandry. Sriyani is visiting the U.S. on sabbatical.

Kicking the Keg: “From DNA to Beer” Exhibit Wraps Up at Falk Library

After a six week display in Falk Library, the NLM traveling exhibit, From DNA to Beer: Harnessing Nature in Medicine and Industry, came to a close on Saturday, October 10. Over 3,000 visitors viewed the panels and video display in the main study area of the library.


Adam Davis

In conjunction with the exhibit, Adam Davis gave a special lecture on Thursday, September 17, entitled “Background to the Discovery of DNA.” Davis recounted the early history of biologists and other scientists and their important, sometimes accidental, discoveries that built the foundation for the double-helix structure we are familiar with today. Davis earned his Master’s Degree in biological anthropology from the University of Pittsburgh. He currently teaches History of Science at Duquesne University and is associate professor of biology at the Community College of Allegheny County.

HSLS Staff News

The HSLS Staff News section includes recent HSLS presentations, publications, staff changes, staff promotions, degrees earned, etc.


Andrea Ketchum, reference librarian, was awarded the 2015 Award for Professional Excellence by a Health Sciences Librarian from the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of MLA.

Classes November 2015

HSLS offers classes on database searching, software applications such as Prezi, bibliographic management, molecular biology and genetics, and library orientations. For more information, visit the online course descriptions.