Film and Slide Scanners Available to Borrow from Falk Library

Though we’re now accustomed to using digital cameras and computer-based PowerPoints in our daily lives, in the not-too-distant past, these technologies relied on tangible media and analog processes. The first mainstream digital camera only came onto the market in 1994; before then, physical film and slides were needed to capture and present images. Given their recent popularity, you’ve probably stumbled across film or slides in a forgotten filing cabinet or overflowing closet at some point. If you’re inclined to clean out this storage space and bring these images into the 21st century, HSLS now has two scanners available to help you with the digitization process.

The Kodak Mini Digital Film Scanner is a beginner-friendly, versatile scanner that scans images directly onto an SD card. Simply insert your film strip or slide into the provided adapter, load it into the scanner, and scan your image with the press of a button. If you’re not satisfied with your digitized image, you can adjust the brightness, coloration, and resolution at which you’re scanning. When you’re done scanning, remember to transfer your images from the provided SD card onto your own external storage device or computer before returning the equipment to Falk Library.

If you’re exclusively interested in scanning 35mm slides or film and want to make your digitized images look as sharp as possible, you should consider borrowing the Plustek Scanner OpticFilm 8100. The Plustek scanner circulates with a laptop that is preinstalled with high-end scanning software, allowing you to capture HD digital images. If you’d like to customize your scan settings, you can adjust the resolution, filter, brightness, color settings, and contrast via the QuickScan menu. To further modify your images, you can try out LaserSoft Imaging SilverFast SE Plus 8, a more advanced scanning software that is also available on the circulating laptop.

Both scanners are available to borrow from the Technology Help Desk for 24 hours with your valid Pitt ID. The scanners circulate with quick-start guides, user manuals, and all the necessary accessories — all you need to supply are slides or film for scanning. Before starting, we recommend that you research the type and size of your slides/film and use the links above to verify that your images are compatible with the scanner you’d like to borrow. If you have questions or special requests, including inquiries about extended loan periods, please contact the Technology Help Desk.

~Julia Reese