Get Some OOMF for Your Tech with New Charging Packs

Oomf chargerFinding a power outlet can be tough, so why not bring a power source with you? Falk Library now has two Oomf Omnicharge stations in the library. This is a free technology loan program that works with the Oomf app to borrow a charging pack for 24 hours.

If you are new to Oomf, get started by downloading the app, available for iPhone and Android. You will need to set up an account; although borrowing is free, your credit card information is collected for any applicable late fees if the device is not returned after 24 hours. Visit one of the charging stations, either at the library Main Desk or at the upper floor Technology Help Desk. When your phone is near the charging station, it will connect via Bluetooth and unlock one of the available charging packs. Take the pack with you, and use your device’s charging cord. The Technology Help Desk also lends charging cords for phones and laptops that are compatible with the charging packs. Multiple devices can be connected to one Oomf charger, via two USB slots and one AC outlet.

Oomf is available to support any issues at

~Julia Dahm