Digital Library Services Employee Celebrates 20 Years at HSLS

mistikane2016Last year, Misti Kane, Metadata Specialist in the Digital Library Services Department, celebrated 20 years of working at HSLS.

After earning a BA degree in history from Pitt in 1996, Misti began her career at HSLS as a Library Specialist in the Circulation Department where she gave directions, handled account problems, and performed circulation transactions.

In October 2000, she transferred to the Technical Services Department where she was a Monographic Receipt Specialist. Her duties included receiving new books, claiming items not received, and copy cataloging of monographs.

Her most recent job move occurred in 2012, when she became Metadata Specialist. Her responsibilities include copy cataloging books and journals in both print and online formats, upgrading bibliographical records in OCLC and Voyager, and troubleshooting patron issues with electronic resources.

Over the years, one thing has stood out to Misti. When she first began working at HSLS, she noticed the library’s tables were loaded with library books that patrons used to do their assignments and research. Now, most of the books have been replaced with laptop computers. While print books still have a place in the library, e-books are becoming the norm.

Misti noted that her career has gotten more interesting over the years because each job has provided her with the opportunity to develop new skills. She thoroughly enjoys her job and working with her colleagues.

~Jill Foust