Updates to PubMed Central and PubMed

PubMed Central Now PMC

PubMed Central, the free digital repository of biomedical and life sciences journals from the National Library of Medicine, has been updated with a new name, PMC, and a new look. This new look is a “cleaner and more uniform presentation across PMC’s site as well as its article, issue and journal archive pages.”

Other enhanced features include:

  •  Updated presentation of article front matter, including links to author information, article notes, and copyright and license information.
  • Clicking on an individual author’s name executes a search for other articles by that author.
  • Pages with figures and tables offer several options to see the full article view.
  • Article pages with links to various print formats in upper right corner.
  • Reference citations in an article will highlight when moused over and will link to the full reference citation.
  • “Go to” navigational menu that will take you through parts of the article more easily.

Searching for History of Medicine Articles in PubMed Is Now Easier

A history of medicine subject filter has been added to PubMed. Using this filter will limit your search results to history of medicine articles.

You can locate this filter on the left side of the PubMed search page by clicking on “more” under Subjects.

Or, you can click on Topic-Specific Queries on the front page of PubMed, scroll down the page, and then click on the History of Medicine link.

For help using the PMC or PubMed, please contact the HSLS Main Desk at 412-648-8866 or e-mail Ask a Librarian.

*Parts of this article were reprinted from “What’s New in PMC: Another Facelift” and “Retrieving History of Medicine Citations in MEDLINE/PubMed,”  NLM Technical Bulletin, July-August 2012.

~ Nancy Tannery