Popping the Question with mhsls Chat

Since March, HSLS patrons have been asking questions using the mhsls Chat widget on our Ask A Librarian page. So what are you asking us about?

Some of your questions are specialized:

[11:17] meeboguest92268: Hi, I was wondering if the Falk Library still keeps copies of common psychological assessment questionaires and if so, if there is some way for me to search online to see if a specific measure is available
[11:17] mhsls: we don’t have the actual questionnaires here. In most cases you would need to get them from the author.
[11:18] meeboguest92268: ok, thanks!


Sometimes you ask for help navigating our web site:

[11:11] meeboguest297527: is it possible to access Scopus through HSLS


“How can I get this article?” is a perennial topic…

[09:26] meeboguest289073: i am trying to retrieve an article that is online but when i click to the link it says i need a user name and password. I am on the pitt network

[09:27] mhsls: Hi, I can double check the status of the journal for you. Can you supply the citation, please, so I can check it?


… as is “Can you help me with my search?”:

[11:56] mhsls: Hello- may I help you with a reference question?

[11:57] meeboguest308546: I’m doing a search in Ovid for a literature review, and I could use some help.

[11:57] meeboguest308546: Would I be able to come to the library and meet with someone to discuss it?

[11:57] mhsls: Yes, I should be free between 3 and 5 pm. Are you available during that time?

In other words, we get the same variety of questions through chat as through e-mail and phone. Which works best for you? It probably depends on your question and on your personal communication preferences. It may also depend on where you are. Away from the Web? Click on the link above the mhsls widget and sign up for the HSLS buddy list so you can chat with us from your mobile device.

~ Patricia Weiss