Book Citations Added to PubMed

In April 2010, PubMed expanded its content to include citations for selected full-text e-books from the NCBI Bookshelf. The first books to be added were GeneReviews and Essentials of Glycobiology. A citation is included for each chapter or section of the book.

An example of a display including a book chapter is below.


The Abstract display for these book chapters includes an icon link, an excerpt if available, as well as links that go to specific sections within the book text.


Records for books and book chapters do not include MeSH terms. Because of this, searches that limit with MeSH terms, such as Humans, Review, and Child, will not retrieve book records. Use keyword searching to retrieve citations for book chapters.

Parts of this article were reprinted from the NLM Technical Bulletin.

~ Nancy Tannery